Hi, everyone!

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Hi, everyone!

Post by Sarah_deV on Wed May 13, 2015 2:00 pm

I'm Sarah, 42 years old, discovered Katy's first foot book and her blog a couple of years ago. I had flat feet from childhood but after doing all the exercises and transitioning to minimal footwear, I don't anymore! Also I have less pain from Benign Hypermobile Joint Syndrome, so I'm sticking with this Alignment and Restorative Exercise thing and now I am working towards getting certified in it myself. Smile

I'm originally from Amsterdam (in the Netherlands), but moved further south to Den Bosch (also in the Netherlands) where I live now. My boyfriend lives in Belgium so who knows, maybe I'll drift further south in the future. I love cats, vegetable gardening, my friends, science fiction & fantasy, neuroscience, psychology, educational sciences and lots more. Things I've done at one point or another include: sewing my own clothes, running a small business, coping with chronic illness & joint pain, alternative sexuality education and horseback riding.

I'm looking forward to meeting more like-minded Alignment enthusiasts!

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